PDF Articles, Books & Charts

Athanasius “On the Incarnation”

Bergsma & Hahn “Noah’s Nakedness & the Curse on Canaan (Genesis 9:20-27)”

Busenitz “Woman’s Desire for Man: Genesis 3:16 Reconsidered”

Burroughs “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment”

Dunzweiler “Regeneration and Indwelling in the Old Testament Period”

Edwards on Regeneration via BaptistGadfly

Heiser “What is/are (an) Elohim?” ETS 2010 Paper

Heiser ETS 2010 Paper on Psalm 82

Jordan “Through New Eyes”

Kelly “A Catechism”

Mahaney “The Idol Factory”

Mallinson “Demon Semen”

Matzat “Christ-Esteem: Where the Search for Self-Esteem Ends”

Merkle “Who will be Left Behind: Rethinking Matt. 24” WTJ

Moo “We Still Don’t Get It” (on the NIV Bible translation)

Peterson “Idol Factory”

Piper “Brothers, We are Not Professionals”

Ryle “Holiness”

Ursinus “Heidelberg Catechism Commentary”

Watson “The Ten Commandments”

Wilson “Genesis 6 and 9 Notes for Study”

Wilson “Picture Representation of Gospel Lens”

Wilson “Jesus is the Fullness of all Biblical Covenants” Flow Chart

Wilson “Let us ‘Tip Toe’ through the TULIP”

Wilson “Law verses Faith” Power Point on Romans 4:13-16

Wilson “Death in Adam, Life in Christ” Power Point on Romans 5:12-21

Wilson “Romans 5:12-21 Flow Chart”

Wilson “Romans 6-7 Flow Chart”

Wilson “Romans 7:7-25 Flow Chart”

Wilson “Worship Word Study”


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