About Anglicanism

Historic 16th Century Anglicanism is Reformed and affirms the Five Solas (“alones”) of the Reformation that Christians are saved by Grace alone through Faith alone on the merits of Christ alone as revealed in the Bible alone to the Glory of God alone. Historic, Reformed and Biblical Anglicanism is clearly and concisely expressed in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion as the doctrinal articulation of our English Reformed confession (Printable Doctrinal Summaries). Here is a post that highlights Nine Things You Should Really Know About Anglicanism. To learn more about the Protestant, Reformed and Evangelical history of Anglicanism, please take time to listen to these three lectures given by Dr. Peter F. Jensen here. Additionally, Dr. Lee Gatiss has a video entitled “The True Profession of the Gospel” in which he articulates the history and theology of Reformation Christianity in the English-speaking world that can be viewed here.

Other Anglican Resources


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